dodo comments: The Scary Ghost

He is everywhere and nowhere, is creeping through all seven senses, does not even spare those making skilled efforts, because he is punching in secrecy.

When no one expects him, he is already lurking, waiting for his chance to strike terror unexpectedly in people’s hearts. Naked despair and horrible fear is spreading around.

The Main line has been crossed already. Up in the north people are tremblingly looking into all identifying papers how ghosts can be banned. Shaken with horror they are amazed, why this daemon stops in front of gigantic mountains.Can it be, that there, behind the Alps, the magician is living, the only one, who can stop the magic?

Often he is a warning in a cryptically way, is even using the virtual arts, but without being appealed.

No one of the mere mortals can escape him.

Solely the magician has received the higher sanctification of wisdom.

Newly people have heard the ghost’s name: MASK GENE

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