Herding Cattle with ACDs

ACD Gazette – Australian cattle dog magazine

1 / Jan 2010

Cattle with ACDs

by the courtesy of © Jeff Jaquish

The Australian Cattle Dog was bred for moving cattle. They must know to go to head to stop forward movement and go to heel to encourage movement. With great power the ACD stops a steer in its tracks and brings him to his knees. Everytime a steer is breaking out, the ACD has to rush behind him to the head and put him reverse. He does that without injuring the steer.

Parker is a so called Red Heeler. This is just another name for the Austalian Cattle Dog.
There are so many owners that don’t comprehend why they are called ‘heelers’ or why their dog keeps nipping at their kid’s feet!
This is why Australian Cattle Dogs are sometimes called heelers.

Cattle don’t kick very accurately in most situations. Most the time it is more of a flail of the feet in a backwards direction – a reaction or a reflex. Usually, if the cow dog stays low or gets in and out quickly, the kick will miss.

This little Australian Cattle Dog is ‘going to head’ to turn this cow back to the herd. I think I would tend to comply very quickly if this dog was nipping at my nose.
This little cow dog is but 35 pounds of grit and talent – able to move livestock at will.

A cow is trying to get away from the herd and Dot is confronting her. Her persistence pays off when the cow submits. This encounter did not result in any biting. The small Cattle Dog package in the face of the cow was convincing enough. Good dog!
copyright © Doris Duewel, all rights reserved


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