Therapy ACD “DUSK” Cares for Humans and Troubled Dogs

© Jill Marie Fernando, USA
usk was a year old upon testing for therapy dog work. And at age one he passed his test. He had already had an entire year worth of obedience, agility, etc training before taking his therapy dog test, so he passed it easily. Generally his therapy dog work took him into nursing homes. Both he and his brother Drizzle dressed up for Halloween one year, which was great fun and the people loved it! 

He also would do skills for the nursing home residents by retrieving gloves and scent articles. Being a top notch obedience dog makes therapy dog work easy for him, especially since he is a smart Australian Cattle Dog.

It is not necessary that the people he visits are “dog people” or not. As a matter of fact, just 2 years ago I met a woman who was terrified of dogs and within one afternoon, sitting on my deck being kissed by Dusk she was rehabilitated. So he does wonderful with people no matter whether they like him or not! Talk about persuasive!
Dusk is such a happy fellow that he needs no cheering up; ever!

He is currently working on helping me rehabilitate troubled dogs in my dog sports center. His presence helps calm down fearful and aggressive dogs and is a wonderful asset to my clients and my business. He offers friendly, neutral behavior and shows fearful dogs there is no reason to be concerned about him at all. Miraculously many of the troubled dogs end up copying his behavior; generally by laying down quietly!
Bryn Mawr’s Warning Light (aka) Dusk is 5 years old.

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