Why Show Dogs

And although nobody can ask dogs whether they enjoy it, it is easy to see if
you attend a show. Temperament and deportment are important in the show ring;
and a dog which looks unhappy or ill at ease will not move well or carry itself well
and so will not be successful. That is why you can visit dog shows and see the 

dogs enjoying themselves, taking obvious interest and enjoyment in the proceedings, happy in the environment and taking pleasure in strutting their stuff!

Good chance for monitoring the health of the ACDs

But beyond the pleasure that is gained on an individual level by dogs and their owners, the show ring can also help to improve the health of our breeds today. Professor Patrick Bateson, in his Independent Review into Dog Breeding which was published in January 2010, recognised that dog shows could be a positive lever for change; as it is only through the show ring that we are able to monitor how our breeds are developing. Moreover, it is a place where healthy dogs go home with prizes and therefore helps to encourage the breeding of healthy dogs.

Showing . the best way to progress and success

It is also the people who show their dogs who do the most outside of the show ring to help improve the health of dogs. Showing is an expensive hobby with very little in the way of financial reward, so people who pursue it do so because they love their dogs, care about the breed, and they use the best and the healthiest dogs in their breeding programmes. It is the only way to progress and to success

Exchange of health schemes

Many breeds have their own health screening schemes which require breeding stock to be screened for any hereditary defects which might occur in the breed – and they do occur in dogs just as they occur in all forms of livestock – and breeders can exchange ideas on health issues, the best bloodlines etc. Having a health scheme in place for a breed is a sign, paradoxically, not of an unhealthy breed but of a breed where breeders are working for the health of the breed.
The breeds we have today have a rich heritage but a legacy which carries responsibility for today’s breeders and today’s Kennel Club. The breed standards are one aspect of that responsibility and the Kennel Club will always keep the health and welfare of every breed as its primary concern.

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