dodo comments: Conclusion of a Long Breeder’s Life

The longer I breed, the more I loose the easiness and my lighthearted joy which enabled me in earlier years to choose two breeding partners. I doubt to be right in my breeding intentions and plans. My belief and expectations for a certain litter start to change into doubts.
Do I know enough about the breed, its origin, the original sense for which the breed was mixed out of several different breeds, each with its own typical characteristics?.Our forfathers invested so many efforts, ideas, time in establising this wonderful breed,I love so much.
Since a long time I urgently want to mate two dogs of matching conformation, reliable temperament, longevity, pedigrees clear of inherited illnesses. All requirements for a successful litter should match.
But can I really combine these two pedigrees without any danger for the resulting puppies? How far do I have to study backwards their two pedigrees? What, if earlier breeders did not even tell any faults? Are pedigrees only fairytales for grown-up breeders?
How can I be sure that the puppies will enjoy to be born, will have a wothwile life? Am I not guilty if they will not beloved? Have I really foreseen all possible illnesses which might happen? And can I live with a guilt for which puppies have to suffer?
Can all the trophies I got for my dogs smooth my conscience I have towards the breed?
Do I enough to pass on my breeder knowledge to future generations? What if engaged newcomers cannot even know about illnesses of earlier generations and they double without knowledge the genes of a deadly illness?
All I know is that the responsibility for breeding is nearly too big for me. It seems as if this is the result of a breeder’s life with back lashes aswell as successes, dedicated entirely to the purebred dogs.
by DorisDuewel
Jan 2011, Komi,Finland

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