The ACD came to Czech Republic

ACD: Veni – Vidi – Vici by Andrea Dankova, Kennel “Cidabro”

The first ACDs were imported from Finland (Cattlefarm´s kennel) by Mr Petrus in 1997. The first ACD puppies were born in June 1998 as A-litter Bullit Star.

Adelaide Bullit Star

Head pic of “Ch.Windwarriors Flying Force”
Ch Windwarriors Flying Force, “OTTO”

At the same time Bushranger´s Celtic Queen was imported from USA by Mrs Dankova (kennel Cidabro). A few months later I found a very promising young male in Windwarrior´s kennel in Finland.
At the first time it was rather difficult to introduce this fantastic breed to Czech people and find new ACD friends. There were born 4 litters in 2000 in our country. ACD became more popular, but not as much like f.ex. border collies. In my opinion this is much better for a breed. Some more dogs were imported from Finland, Belgium, Canada etc. In 2002 were already seven active kennels in Czech Republic. Till summer 2010 about 800 ACD were registrated in CZ ( some of them died and some of them were exported).

Country Queen Cidabro
Grand Champion Durango z Lodice
Some ACDs in our country are working on farms,
like Country Queen Cidabro and Grand Ch. Durango
z Lodice , both are Otto´s kids.
Birrie Bullit Star

.others are excellent in dog sports like obedience,
protection sport, agility or flyball.
Hannah Red Cidabro

Finke George Cidabro/em>
Hobart Red Boy Cidabro
Ch Croco Dundee Cidabro

ACDs are also used as rescue dogs.
Ch. Croco Dundee Cidabro is Rescue Champion 2008 + 2010 (all breed) Czech Rescue Champion 2008 (all breed).
Czech ACDs are successful on shows too.
Int.Ch. Zeecidabro des Poenjaap
Int.Ch. Zeecidabro des Poenjaap won res. CACIB
on World Dog Show in Dortmund 2003. Ch. Diff Bullit Star won EW-2003 in Bratislava (SK) and
Int.Ch. Aboriginal Boy Cidabro

Int.Ch. Aboriginal Boy Cidabro won EW-2003 and BOB.
Aberdeen Red Camden

Aberdeen Red Camden Dog won EJW-2006 in Poznan.
Deen- World Dog Show 2009 in Bratislava was very successful
for Czech breeders too.
Cara Mia Kazari-Toyo Ken
WW-2010 won young bitch Cara Mia Kazari-Toyo Ken, bred and owned by Ms Dedicova. Photo: Cara, Veteran WW and BOB veteran became Int.Ch. Zeecidabro des Poenjaap.

Int.Ch. Zeecidabro des Poenjaap

Our ACD owners and breeders are regularly attending
ACD meetings and show in Germany. Int.Ch.
Cowcockycattle´s Moki and Int.Ch. Aboriginal Cinderella´s
Ranch won BOBs. Some more dogs won their class and CAC
titles over many Europeans dogs.

I am sure Czech ACDs have a very good reputation abroad.
It is a pity, that our breeders are not very interested in
health tests. We have a few kennels who test only their
stud dogs. I said it is a pity because our people really bred
high quality dogs.

You are welcome to visit our Club or Speciality show
for ACDs and show your dogs. You will recognize us
and our great dogs.
Ch. Ned Kelly Cidabro

Doc Bar Cidabro, “JIM”, grandsire to NED

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