Standard in Pictures


Is of oval form and middle size. Eyes are neither prominent nor deeply set in. They should express alertness and intelligence. The colour of eyes is dark brown.


are of moderate size, preferably rather small than big. On onset broad, muscled, upright, not sharp but in the form of neither similar to a spoon nor to the ear of a batman. They are set wide apart and bend outwards,react to every noise and are highly upright when the dog is alert.The whole ear is of thick condition and its inside is well covered by hair.


Jaw/Teeth: Der Unterkiefer ist kraeftig, tief, gut entwickelt. Die Zaehne sind gesund, Kraeftig, regelmaessig eingesetzt, in Form eines Scherengebisses schliessend, d.h. die obere Schneidezahnreihe greift ohne Zwischenraum ueber die untere. Da der ACD dazu bestimmt ist, stoerrisches Vieh durch Bisse oder Zwicken in die Ferse anzutreiben, sind gesunde und kraeftige Zaehne sehr wichtig.

eyes show alertness & intelligence

watchful eyes with the glance of alertness

perfect ears and earset

complete scissorbites

Perfect dentition

Bewegung in Stand und Lauf

The standard requests the following movement/gait:

The action is true, free, supple and tireless and the movement of the shoulders and forelegs is in unison with the powerful thrust of the hindquarters. The capability of quick and sudden movement is essential. Soundness is of paramount importance and stiltiness, loaded or slack shoulders, straight shoulder placement, weakness at elbows, pasterns or feet, straight stifles, cow or bow hocks, must be regarded as serious faults. When trotting the feet tend to come closer together at ground level as speed increases, but when the dog comes to rest he should stand four square.

photos by George Steffen show CAYCE „John’s little devils Abby“

start of galopping


landing on front

strong thrive by hindquarters

quick, sudden turning
following photos by Karin Saenger

slow trotting

in quick trotting the front legs are approaching each other

in very quick trotting the feet are nearly touching each other

perfect standing with straight legs

©Doris Duewel

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