Dodo comments:”After all he is only a Cattle Dog…”

When the Australian Cattle Dog came to Europe, to the States, even in the most remote areas of this world, he met white, red, yellow, brown and black people with qualities as different as their skin colours.
He was always the same: devotedly faithful and outstanding intelligent, to name only two of his impressive features. Many loved him on the spot and still do. Some disliked him. They did not think that he was as attractive like f.ex. an Afghan, he just did not suit their expensive way of life. After all he was only a Cattle Dog.

A Cattledog is faithful, ready never to forsake his owner. This characteristic people estimate on him very much. Nevertheless they do not follow this example. Why should they? To be faithful is not really in human nature. After all they are not a Cattle Dog.

There he is standing in the fenced yard. Sometimes children are passing, who would love to play with him. But a big sign post says, "I am dangerous"! It is boring and hours are passing by so slowly.All spots in the yard have been marked hundred times. Sometimes he tries to communicate with other dogs on a leach, but for their owners it was only disturbing barking.In summertime he is hunting butterflies sometimes. Half-hearted he is chewing a toy, which the producer claims to be “dogbiteresistant”.
Finally his friend and owner returns home.Now it starts to be joyful. We will enjoy together our freedom in chasing, running, jumping; playing with a ball, diving and swimming in the nearby lake.But walking to the freezer with the cool beer attracts the friend magically.And then the sofa and the TV – a highlight of the day! How enjoyable to knock off work! Why should he ran outside until he will be exhausted and sweatening? After all he is only a Cattle Dog.

Today was an exciting day – a small child was missing.Probably it was only lost, could not find home. The little sweater smelled for porridge, a bit of sand trickled out of it and it tasted salty from tears.The Cattle Dog is running without a rest, sniffing here and there, was listening to every noise.He did not allow himself to be irratated by the tempting smell of bitches in season or the fascinating markings of taller and smaller buddies. He took his challenge seriously and did not fail in his task, just as it was his talent. But what was this? His owner took him and fenced him to the car. His friend’s duty was over. Going on working without salary? Unthinkable! After all he is only a Cattle Dog!

Again a tedious day came to its end. Promised time of cuddling with his friend was waiting! Happy anticipation was spreading. Then he would lick all over his face, roll his back on the floor and enjoy to be cuddled.Perhaps he could try once more to touch out to him with his paw. A gesture which his owner called milk kneading and did not like too much as claws were scratching. He woke up from his day dream, when the door bell was ringing. His friend’s girl friend came in.
They did not want to be disturbed and locked the kennel door behind him.Why should he wave away this delight? Why should he keep his word?
After all he was only a Cattle Dog.
Doris Duewel, Finland in November, 2010


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