Breeders – Such and Those

“Oh, the puppy I sold you, arrived deaf after the flight? That is ridiculous as he could hear here bilaterally. His hearing ability must have been destroyed by the flight noise”.
What an interesting idea of the latest medical knowledge or in the end, only an attempt to make the puppy buyer stupid?

Here the next attempt to fake the new puppy owner: The male puppy from a well known breeder in the middle of Europe is travelling high up into the north of Europe to his new breeder and exhibitor to ad a new outcross to his kennel. When he arrives the new owner discovered he is a cryptorchid – “though he had both balls some hours before and some 1500 km away”, said the puppy breeder. She claims, that TWO vets can prove this. Why TWO is asking herself the new not very happy owner? To decide if two balls are lying in the scrotum or only one belongs to the knowledge of vetenarian students in the first semester.Meanwhile the pet is two years old, leters of the new owner stay unanswered and neither a new puppy came or money was refunded.

Next shocking case: Two future breeders “want to buy a real good foundation bitch well suitable for this purpose”. They travel into their neighbour country, where they believe to find a honest breeder. Is naivity to be punished? The puppy was sold without a BAER test, well known to the new owners. The puppy was brought immediately to a vet who did the BAER test. You guess already, what happened. The puppy was uni lateral deaf and therefore unuseable for breeding. Of course, you can say, the breeder did not know this – but a faithful breeder is checking permanently the hearing ability of his puppies from two weeks of age on until the pup is leaving to new owners. He is even without a BAER test sure, which of his puppies can hear and which has a disqualifying characteristic for breeding.

For the retrieval of the majority of breeders in and outside of the country, I must state with covincement, that those cases are the exception. Most breeders are very concerned to sell promising puppies – especially abroad.
They realize that every successful puppy either as a stud or brood bitch or in the show ring, is propagating the good reputation of its breeder. A honest breeder is sending only those pups abroad, which he would use for his own breeding or show by himself.

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