Exhibiting “Dont’s”

Vero Shaw from “Dont’s”;
Instructions What to avoid in Exhibiting Dogs
Taken from A Kennel of Dogs edited by Clifford Hubbard.
  • DON’T cut, clip, singe, dye, or pluck the coat so as to find yourself at variance with the law against trimming. 


  • DON’T wash a rough-coated dog the day before the show if you can avoid doing so, for it will soften the hair and make it too silky to the touch.  


  • DON’T bully or speak harshly to the animal when in the ring, and don’t try and gain unfair advantage over other competitors by trying to put your dog between theirs and the judge. 


  • DON’T get your own body or legs between the judge and your dog; try and remember that it is the animal and not yourself which is going for the prize.
    worry and pester the judge with observations concerning the good points of your dog, or criticisms upon the failings of your neighbor’s exhibit. 

  • DON’T wear out your dog by trying to get him to show off when the judge is not looking at him; keep your eye on the judge, and when he comes your way or appears to be summing up the good points of your animal, make the later look his best if you can at other times when not told to walk or run him, let the animal rest. 


  • DON’T loose your temper if you fail to secure a prize which you think you should have won, and don’t be so undignified and so unsportsmanlike as to quarrel with a brother exhibitor because he has been more fortunate than yourself.

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