Results of World Winner 2012

World Dog Show Salzburg

Judge: Herr Svend Lovenkjaer (DK)

Males – Puppy class
Windwarrior´s Storm Warning VV1
Lestat vom Teufelsjoch VV2

Males- Junior class
Sawdust´s In All It´s Glory V1, JUNIOR WORLD WINNER, BOB
(dam: Kalegoorlie Blue Cidabro) :-)))

Ivanhoe Red Tattoo Outback Maverick V2
Persian Pearl Dingo V3
Avery´s Va Bene von der Sturmhöhe V4
Spader´s Checker V
Banana Bender Life Is Like A Chocolates Box V
Cattlepark´s Simply Smokin SG
In The Mood Red Tattoo Outback Maverick SG
Cattle Catchers Born To Heel SG
Wild Desert Dingo´s Living Legend SG
Banana Bender Conte Di Cavour SG
Kyron vom Teufelsjoch SG
Jethro Tull vom Teufelsjoch SG
Nohel of Drover´s Run Horser Ranch SG

Males -Intermediate class
Alligator Between The Rivers V1, CACA
Banana Bender Se Quel Guerriero Io Fossi G

Males – Open class
Bentley´s Blue Crackerjack V1, CACA
(dam: Vet Ch. Clever Girl Cidabro, our great friend lives with us)

Dedalo V2, res.CACA
Bavarian Heartbreakers Anican V3
Banana Bender The Governor V4
Big Tasty of the Seven Hills Country V
Makapuupoint V
Estorillo vom Teufelsjoch G
Banana Bender Mercury Blues G
Jumpin Joker´s Guillian G
Muffin Man Del Whimper Delle G.J. nicht anwesend

Males – Champion class
Heelersridge Emublu King V1, CACA, CACIB – WORLD WINNER
(King is 3rd time WORL WINNER, sire of our Q and U-litters Cidabro)

Queblue Aussie Icon V2, res.CACA, res.CACIB
Flintstone Turrella Red Tattoo Outback Maverick V3
Hyatho des Poenjaap V4
Banana Bender Doctor Who V
Imboss of Drover´s Run Horse Ranch V
Espion Du Val de Roquepertuse SG
Va Bene Neverland King SG
Agent I-Point Wild Mosquitos SG
Heelersridge Working Class Man SG
Link of the Seven Hills Country SG

Males- Veteran class
Cattlepark´s Mouldtail V1, WORLD VETERAN WINNER
Wallaby Ned Kelly V2
Oakhill Valley Chaos SG3
Tallawong Snow Drift SG4

Females- Puppy class
Ocean Blue of Drover´s Run Horse Ranch VV1

Females- Junior class
A Ballad Of Lucy Jordan von der Sturmhöhe V1, JUNIOR WORLD WINNER
Goldikova Du Mont De La Nonnenhardt V2
Gena Mini Aussie V3
Banana Bender Sventola Il Tricolore V4
Impressive Blue Tattoo Outback Maverick V
Zamok Svyztogo Angela Yulya Luna V
Narwee Cinderella´s Ranch V
Nevada Of Drover´s Run Horse Ranch V
Drywoods Liberty Of Horseman Buddies SG
Cattlepark´s Smoky Blue Pearl SG
Ice N Snow Blue Tattoo Outback Maverick SG
Kaja vom Teufelsjoch SG
Pleistozaen Cariama Cristata SG
Banana Bender From Greenbow Alabama —

Females – Intermediate class
Adina Between The Rivers V1, CACA
Indygo Rainbow Of Rum Jungle SG2
GC Freemantle Doctor Electric Blue Jeans G

Females – Open class
Karkoolka Cinderella´s Ranch V1, CACA, CACIB, WORLD WINNER, BOS
Kurpas Rejoice V2, res.CACA, res.CACIB
Jai des Poenjaap V3
Va Bene No Angel V4
Banana Bender Senorita Rosarita SG
Landmaster So Glad Youre Mine SG

Females – Champion class
Buzzard Francesca Romana V1, CACA
Clearidge Red Min Fire V2, res.CACA
Deli Banana Bender V3
McCoy´s Endless Sky Of Blossom V4
MISS AUSSIE CIDABRO V …….. our Lupina is real Winner for me :-))))
Turrella Red Mae West V
Danbar´s River of Dreams V
Electra vom Teufelsjoch V
Bruni Kazari Toyo-Ken —-

Female – Veteran class
Gina SG

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