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A herding dog’s work!

Gwen Shepperson: Wish I would have had my phone to video Sheila loading a semi of calves on Sunday–if I could teach her to count, I wouldn’t even have to be there, she could do it all by herself! All … Continue reading

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STAR DUST -Born to be Killed?

I am STAR DUST, lively and happy. I am living in Finland, where there are no deaf Cattle Dog puppies. The vet has a big litter box… I propose, that no vet is killing deaf puppies anymore (like in Germany, … Continue reading

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Hip Dysplasia and the Cardigan Corgi

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How to select a suitable puppy

There is a new litter and new people, who request an ACD puppy. First question of the breeder is always for the experience of the new owner. The ACD is an active herding dog, needing quite a lot of activity. … Continue reading

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Westminster 2015

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The Code of Ethics in Us

Being devoted to the breed of Australian Cattle Dog means to protect every specimen ,who improves the development by skilful breeding. Who supports the talent for sport activities according to the standard and last not least is up-to-date in health … Continue reading

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Please, click this link to study the different forms of epilepsy and its treatment

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Australian Cattle Dog Description

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World Winner Helsinki 2014

Australian Cattle Dog total number of dogs:12 Judge: Kärdi Maret BOB Windwarrior’s Sweet N’toxic (Heikkinen Tuulia, Komi) BOS Erkkertin Blue Flying Dutchman (Kuikka Juha, ESPOO) BOB,Veteran Freya’s Charm Cidabro (Heikkinen Tuulia, Komi) BOS,Veteran Kohon Elton (Vainio Seija, Muurame) Males AVO … Continue reading

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Judging ACDs by Carrol Beckett (Australia)

It was commented that the GSD should be more angulated than the ACD because they patrol perimeters. The GSD is NOT more angulated and the ACD in-fact their shoulders are permitted to be at an angle of 90-110° therefore the … Continue reading

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ASH video

This is what the ACD and the was bred to do…move and control unruly cattle…working as a team with the stockman on his ASH (Australian Stock Horse)…unfortunately now it is mostly heli-mustering.

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Our ACD the Living, Correct Standard. Explained by Carol Beckett

by CAROL BECKETT The standard for the ACD is very clearly written. It requires the dog to be well angulated, compact, powerful and with substance, and breadth in the head, the chest and down through the entire body. It is … Continue reading

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How to develop a new bloodline

To start takes much effort and much time, because you have to find a couple, which combines both the phänotype and the the genotype of future ancestors in your kennel. Do not forget the importance of a human friendly temperament. … Continue reading

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Legacies: How to Ensure Your Bloodline Goes Forward

Whether just starting out on your path of breeding or looking to pass on your bloodline to the next generation, none of it can happen without a good plan for the future. By Jonathan Jeffrey Kimes | March 20, 2013 … Continue reading

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20 Basic Breeding Principles by Raymond Oppenheimer

1. Don’t make use of indiscriminate outcrosses. A judicious outcross can be of great value; an injudicious one can produce an aggregation of every imaginable fault of the breed. 2. Don’t line breed just for the sake of line breeding. … Continue reading

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