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Once upon a time…

When the honarable Lady Worldchampion “Pavesi Miss Aussie” noticed, that her first child pressed its way out, she gave birth on an Empire fauteuil, jumped clumsily down and laid down in the whelping box. There in short distance five more … Continue reading

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That Is Our Life!

Breeder’s thoughts about his puppies’ way into life with his or her owner: Of course, life should be pleasant. In no way the puppy should be bored and become a nuisance. The fictive future owners must give him a task, … Continue reading

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Video of Westminster Show 2014

Westminster Show 2014

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EURO Corgi Show 2013

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FCI World Winner 2014

FCI World Dog Show 2014 in Helsinki

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Crufts 2014

Last Chance to Complete Online Entries For Crufts 2014 The Kennel Club would like to remind exhibitors of dogs qualified for Crufts 2014 that the deadline for online entries is midnight on Monday, 20thJanuary 2014. The final entry date for … Continue reading

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FCI World Dog Show Helsink 2014

FCI World Dog Show Helsinki

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Estonian Winner 2014

INT show Estonian Winner 2014 (qualifing for Crufts 2015)

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About Ambition and Joy to Show

Exitement is rising when coming nearer to the place of show. Here it will be evident if all the efforts in breeding will be recognized by this judge.It is the happy anticipation to this challenge with the competitors for the … Continue reading

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Video Westminster Show 2013

Video Westminster 2013

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Winner of Westminster Show 2013

Winner of Westminster Show 2013

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Primary Lens Luxation/ Animal Health Trust

Primary Lens Luxation (PLL) is a well-recognised, painful and blinding inherited eye condition that affects many breeds of dog, particularly terrier and terrier-type breeds including (but not restricted to) Miniature bull terriers, Tibetan terriers, Jack and Parson Russell terriers, Lancashire … Continue reading

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Perfect Teeth for Perfect Showdogs

Beautiful and healthy Presenting valuable show dogs at national or international Kennel Club meetings or Dog Shows is a full-time job: not only must the four-legged candidates be healthy, in top-shape and perfect form – also cosmetical aspects play an … Continue reading

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We Are Not Judging Statues

by Lisa Dubé Forman/The CANINE CHRONICLE · In my brief five years of judging, I cannot count how many times I have communicated to exhibitors that I am not judging a statue. I offer this as relaxing encouragement to them … Continue reading

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