dodo comments Future Money Visons of New Puppy Owners

The couple decided, it is time to complete their lifestandard with a dog. They have a house, a car and make every year a holiday journey to an Asian holiday resort. Children? It’s not really necessary. But a dog would be nice.

Which breed shall it be? It should not leave its long hair everywhere on the expensive furniture ot the Persian carpet. The dog must be easy to care for. The best would be a short haired dog with a double coat. No winter dresses would be needed, which only cost extra money. Bitch or male they cannot decide so far. But the future dog should not be too big. Feeding costs should not be too high. But it should be a rare breed. They are longing to see the envy in the eyes of relatives and neighbours.After studying a “All Dogs Breeds Book” they found an Australian Cattle Dog.

So far so good. Now they had to find a breeder. Someone with a reputation, with show successes, a kennel name where their friends will be impressed.

A famous breeder with a current litter was found. He did not even live too far.Seven puppies were lying in the whelping box and drinking from mom’s milkbar. The couple’s first question went for the prize. The breeder did not seem to like this question as the first matter they were interested in. Actually he was expecting admiration for this awesome litter.And all kind of questions about the care of a puppy. The couple realized their wrong behaviour and now started to ask the expected questions. But they were irritated about the prize – 1000 Euros. What a prize for a young puppy! Quickly they counted 7 puppies x 1000 and that twice a year.Wow, what an exciting idea! More than 25 000 Euros if they bought two bitches at all and all without paying any taxes.

But in their own case the breeder should be able to lower the price. Perhaps 800 Euros would do??? Alas, the breeder did not need to sell his puppies cheaper. He had a waiting list for his pups. Grudgingly they agreed to the price not without asking, if they could pay it in parts…

When the breeder named his price and asked which sex they were interested in, it needed only one view and the couple knew what the other one was thinking. They wanted to have a bitch, only for long walks and having pleasure. She should be castrated later and enjoy her life.

Back home they looked in the Internet, when the bitch could be mated for the first time.They were a bit disappointed, that they had to wait until she will be 2 years old. But then they would buy a new car from the first” litter -money”. The second “litter-money” would be spent for a long journey to USA, where the sister of the wife lived. And then – they had to think… They grinned like a cheshire cat about their many phantastic ideas.

With 8 weeks they collected their puppy. They wanted to show their new puppy and went to see the club, because they realized, they had to promote the little bitch to have enough future puppy buyers. The husband started to find out who is in the committee and made “friends” with them. Meanwhile his wife told everyone how fascinating it will be to work later with her puppy. From now on they visited the club weekly. Soon they were known by everyone. The puppy grew and had to learn to jump over lower and higher walls and bite into the sleeve of the trainer. They wanted to sell her puppies once with pink pedigrees which they will only have, if sire and dam have passed the Schutzhund test. Time passed by and the couple’s money plans became more and more realistic. The club had its annual meeting with the president’s election. He had worked hard for his nomination behind the scenes. He got this honour job. Both thought, now their would be no more obstacles between them and 25 000 Euros per year.

SHOOOOOOOCK! The bitch started to refuse to jump up the high wall and jump down on the other side. The wife started to pull her down on the long leach. Again and again. This stubborn bitch had to learn to obey.But it got worse and worse. In the end, they had to go to the vet. The vet’s diagnosis was a desaster: the most severe Spondylosis the vet had ever seen in such a young bitch. All of the bitch’s litter mates were x-rayed in the same vet clinic and were totally free of any signs of Spondylosis.

What happened? The too early and too strong training had spoilt the bitch’s skelet. The dream of getting rich trough breeding ended with a sudden and rude awakening.

The husband left his now unnecessay committee job and the bitch? Noone ever heard about her.

©Doris Duewel, February, 2011


About acdisla

Mit 20 Jahren war ich verheiratet und mit 28 Jahren hatte ich drei Töchter. Ih war eine gute Hausfrau und Mutter. Kochen, Waschen, Hausaufgaben mit den Kindern, kutschierte alle zu den Freizeitaktivitäten und, und und. Abends dann Befriedigung des Ehemanns. Mit 37 Jahren war ich am Ende. Drei Selbstmordversuche zeigten meine Verzweiflung. Geändert haben sie an meiner ehelichen Einöde nichts. Ich rettete mich durch Scheidung, lernte mit Feuereifer und fand einen interessanten, mich fordernden Beruf.Unterstuetzung gab mir eine neue Freundin. Die Rechnung fuer 17 Jahre ehelicher Vergewaltigung kam in Form eines Koma in dem eine meiner drei Töchter neben meinem Bett sass. Das folgende Jahr verbrachte ich im Krankenhaus und erholte mich langsam von einer fast ganzseitigen Lähmung, Verlust meiner Muttersprache und meiner Erinnerung. Halbwegs wieder intakt, bekam ich Multiple Sklerose. Nach einem langjährigen Versuch Kindern in einem Kuenstlerdorf Sport beizubringen, habe ich einen idyllischen Restbauernhof gekauft und ein Hotel fuer Hunde aufgemacht. Das wurde der grösste und erfolgreichste Spass in meinem Leben. Inzwischen fand ich in Finnland ein traumhaftes Zuhause. Auf 50 000 qm konnen wir und unsere Hunde so frei leben, wie wir es uns erträumt hatten. Mir hat die MS inzwischen einen elektrischen Rollstuhl beschert, was der Mobilität ganz neue Dimensionen gibt. Meine Gedanken habe ich hier teils in Reimen, teils in Prosa aufgeschrieben. Viel Spass beim Lesen.
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