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The Code of Ethics in Us

Being devoted to the breed of Australian Cattle Dog means to protect every specimen ,who improves the development by skilful breeding. Who supports the talent for sport activities according to the standard and last not least is up-to-date in health … Continue reading

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World Winner Helsinki 2014

Australian Cattle Dog total number of dogs:12 Judge: Kärdi Maret BOB Windwarrior’s Sweet N’toxic (Heikkinen Tuulia, Komi) BOS Erkkertin Blue Flying Dutchman (Kuikka Juha, ESPOO) BOB,Veteran Freya’s Charm Cidabro (Heikkinen Tuulia, Komi) BOS,Veteran Kohon Elton (Vainio Seija, Muurame) Males AVO … Continue reading

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Judging ACDs by Carrol Beckett (Australia)

It was commented that the GSD should be more angulated than the ACD because they patrol perimeters. The GSD is NOT more angulated and the ACD in-fact their shoulders are permitted to be at an angle of 90-110° therefore the … Continue reading

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Legacies: How to Ensure Your Bloodline Goes Forward

Whether just starting out on your path of breeding or looking to pass on your bloodline to the next generation, none of it can happen without a good plan for the future. By Jonathan Jeffrey Kimes | March 20, 2013 … Continue reading

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The Shoulder in the Working Dog

Author: Fred Lanting Dog breeds are usually grouped—often arbitrarily or erroneously—into from five to ten categories based on function, superficial appearance, or geographical origin, depending on the registry organization. Just because it may make more sense to assign them to … Continue reading

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Once upon a time…

When the honorable Lady Worldchampion “Pavesi Miss Aussie” noticed, that her first child pressed its way out, she gave birth on an Empire fauteuil, jumped clumsily down and laid down in the whelping box. There in short distance five more … Continue reading

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FCI World Winner 2014

FCI World Dog Show 2014 in Helsinki

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Winner of Westminster Show 2013

Winner of Westminster Show 2013

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We Are Not Judging Statues

by Lisa Dubé Forman/The CANINE CHRONICLE · In my brief five years of judging, I cannot count how many times I have communicated to exhibitors that I am not judging a statue. I offer this as relaxing encouragement to them … Continue reading

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AND AUSTRALIAN STUMPY TAIL CATTLEDOG Standard Colors Black ticked called “BLUE” and sable-ticked called “RED” Non-Standard Colors YELLOW E/E BROWN WHITE As more research is conducted in the field of (color) genetics, more information gathered and more of the ‘unknowns’ … Continue reading

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Results of World Winner 2012

World Dog Show Salzburg 19.05.2012 Judge: Herr Svend Lovenkjaer (DK) Males – Puppy class Windwarrior´s Storm Warning VV1 Lestat vom Teufelsjoch VV2 Males- Junior class Sawdust´s In All It´s Glory V1, JUNIOR WORLD WINNER, BOB (dam: Kalegoorlie Blue Cidabro) :-))) … Continue reading

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Results at Crufts 2012

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Dentition in Puppies & Adults

Puppies have 28 baby teeth. 14 teeth are in the upper jaw and 14 teeth in the lower jaw. They do not have any molars or premolar 1. When the puppy is about three to four weeks old, the milk … Continue reading

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The Tragical Loss of Bloodlines and Mentoring

The Tragic Loss of Bloodlines and Mentoring in America by Carol D. Hawke, e-mail ________________________________________ These tremulous topics are subjects I have been carefully contemplating for better than a decade after we first began to hear rumors from British friends … Continue reading

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Hundepsychologie + Genetik + Vererbung

Hundepsychologie Wesen und Sozialverhalten, Emotionen und Individulität. Vorw. v. Bernhard Hassenstein von Dr. Dorit Feddersen-Petersen Kurzbeschreibung: Diesem Standardwerk zur Ethologie von Wölfen und Haushunden liegt eine Fülle neuer Erkenntnisse und verhaltenskundlicher Beobachtungen zugrunde. Sie spiegelt eine über 20-jährige systematische Forschungsarbeit … Continue reading

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