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Hip Dysplasia and the Cardigan Corgi Advertisements

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Primary Lens Luxation/ Animal Health Trust

Primary Lens Luxation (PLL) is a well-recognised, painful and blinding inherited eye condition that affects many breeds of dog, particularly terrier and terrier-type breeds including (but not restricted to) Miniature bull terriers, Tibetan terriers, Jack and Parson Russell terriers, Lancashire … Continue reading

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Perfect Teeth for Perfect Showdogs

Beautiful and healthy Presenting valuable show dogs at national or international Kennel Club meetings or Dog Shows is a full-time job: not only must the four-legged candidates be healthy, in top-shape and perfect form – also cosmetical aspects play an … Continue reading

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Aging in Dogs – A Complete Overview

Dr Wim Van Kerkhoven – copyright Factors influencing Life Expectancy Apart from breed, several factors influence life expectancy: Diet – The oldest dog on record was Bluey, an Australian Cattle Dog, who died at 29 in 1939. In the 2000s, … Continue reading

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Results when Using the prcd-PRA Test

Expected results for breeding strategies using the OptiGen prcd test Parent 1 Status Parent 2 Status Normal/Clear Carrier Affected Normal/Clear All = Normal/Clear 1/2 = Normal/Clear 1/2 = Carrier All = Carrier Carrier 1/2 = Normal/Clear1/2 = Carrier 1/4 = … Continue reading

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Dr. W. v. Kerkhoven about “knuckling over” in young dogs

Problems during the growth period in puppies – what to do ? Did you see examples of knuckling over (bowed limbs) or other bone deformations on young growing dogs in your kennel or at home ? Of course, but what … Continue reading

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